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I write features, short films, and TV scripts. I work in the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres, as well as drama with elements of magical realism.

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Birthday Cake -- A lost traveller finds herself celebrating a little boy’s birthday with a sinister cult. To save the boy (and herself) from the cultists she must battle external and internal demons, including her own desire to belong.

AKH-LUT -- Selected to hunt the Arctic monster that’s been terrorizing his village, a violent man comes face to face with his own crippling guilt out on the pack ice.


Basil writes from the Toronto area in Canada. A lifelong lover of storytelling, Basil wrote his first screenplay in the 10th grade: an adaptation of his then favourite graphic novel.

Since then, he's had several different service and corporate jobs. He's gotten married and had children. And he's experienced the sweetest joys and most bitter losses.

Those experiences, along with his firm conviction that stories are empathy's most effective vectors of transmission, inform his writing.

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