Bright Bean: Total Re-Brand

Bright Bean – For Sprouting Minds


My client, Ark Education Holdings, Inc., was operating an online, educational toy store called WizKidz.ca. The brand had its problems, not the least of which was its too common, confusing-to-spell, name. I was brought on to help re-invent the brand and give the toy store a total identity makeover. I started with a new name, Bright Bean, and the client’s desire to be positioned as an expert source of education and development through play.

I worked with a marketing expert and a designer to develop a communication style and visual persona for the new brand. I re-wrote all the website copy and gave it an authoritative, yet playful voice. I branded the company blog, The Garden, and named their loyalty rewards program, Glo Rewards.

Visit Bright Bean's Website

Read the fresh web copy, experience the look and feel of the brand.

Visit The Garden, Bright Bean's Blog

As a leader in teaching through play, Bright Bean's blog is a source of learning for parents and children alike.

Check Out Bright Bean's Rewards Program

Working with a designer and Sweet Tooth, an eCommerce rewards software integration, I helped Bright Bean develop its rewards program, and introduce it to their customers.